Membership FAQ's





1. What is Great Outdoors?

Florida Great Outdoors Association, Inc. ("Great Outdoors") is an all-volunteer social, recreational and educational membership organization.  Great Outdoors offers day and overnight trips and other activities specifically designed for any active individuals who are comfortable with same-sex relationships--gay men, lesbians, bisexuals, and other intelligent people!


2. What type of activities do you sponsor?  

We try to offer at least a couple of activities each month.  We organize camping and hiking trips around the state in the Spring and Fall, during the best camping weather.  Our local activities often involve biking, walking or activities on the water, but may be anything someone wants to volunteer to organize.  Some activities can be physically challenging, like kayaking to Cayo Costa.  Some are as simple as a picnic in the park or a museum trip.  Normal attendance is about a dozen people.


Examples of activities we have sponsored:

  • Canoe/camping on the Peace River

  • Island camping on Cayo Costa

  • Botanical walk at the Deering Estate

  • Tour of the Flagler Mansion

  • Kayaking on the Oleta River

  • Hang Gliding over Biscayne Bay

3. How much do these trips cost?

Local trips are generally at no cost, or at just enough to cover costs.  Overnight trips have a little extra built in to keep us in business. and may have higher costs depending on the nature of the trip, but again we are only trying to break even.

4. Do you ever sponsor long-distance vacation trips?

Although we have sponsored trips to Mexico , and to Costa Rica for white-water rafting and hiking in the rain forest, we tend to concentrate on Florida-based trips.  It all depends on what members want to do and who volunteers.

5. Do you hold meetings?  

We don't hold dull sit-down general membership meetings.  We do have "socials" every few months at the home of a member.  These are basically a party, with a few announcements to keep you up-to-date on the upcoming activities.  These are an excellent opportunity for new members and member-prospects to meet some of the others in the group, and are easily our best attended activities.


6. Is Florida Great Outdoors affiliated with other “Great Outdoors” groups?

California Great Outdoors has been offering outdoor trips to gay men and lesbians for decades.  Although we are not formally affiliated, we owe the concept for our organization to California , and we continue to share information on our activities.


Florida Great Outdoors is a member of the Gay and Lesbian Outdoors Organization (IGLOO), an umbrella organization which facilitates communication between local groups around the country.  Members of IGLOO organizations are especially welcome.


7. Do I have to be a member to go on an outing?

No, but there may be a guest charge.  Everyone is welcome.


8. Why should I become a member?

Members are sent a newsletter with details of upcoming activities, and are invited to all member functions.  Members also have a voice in how the organization is run.  Non-members must pay an additional fee at most events.


9. Who can join?

Anyone over 18 years old who agrees to our organizational concept, and agrees to cooperate with our group activities is welcome!


10. What kind of people join Great Outdoors?

We have about 100 members, of all ages and backgrounds, people who work in trades and professions, government, business and academia, and people who don't work at all!  More members are men, but women are welcome and encouraged to attend all events.


11. How do I learn about activities?  

The best way to learn about activities is by becoming a member and receiving a newsletter.  This will give you some basic information about upcoming events.  It will also list a contact name and a telephone number for you to obtain more information about an event.


12. Is info available on the web?

In addition to this website Great Outdoors also maintain a mailing list.  You can receive e-mail reminders about all of our upcoming activities.  Contact our for more information about joining the e-mail list, or click on the link from the main page.

13. Will I need any special equipment?

For "car camping" trips, you will need a tent to sleep in, and a sleeping bag or other sturdy bedding.  If you do not have a tent, your trip leader may know of someone in the group with an extra one, or you may be able to rent one for the weekend, before spending the $100 or so it will cost to buy one.

Other things to take along will be mostly things around the old plate and cup, perhaps a picnic cooler, comfortable clothes that you will not mind getting dirty, a flashlight, etc.  You can discuss with your trip leader before you go.


For car camping trips, here's a checklist that should work well for most folks: GO Car Camping List. Everyone has their own needs however, so just use common sense.


For other activities, common sense prevails.  Speak to your trip leader if you are not certain about what to take.  Most folks have very basic equipment, so don't worry about designer accessories.


14. How do you plan your activities?

Activities are discussed at periodic "Core Group" meetings.  All members are invited to attend.  Contact one of the officers, listed in the newsletter, for the time and location if you are interested.


15. How much does it cost?

Free! Although we may have a small fee on some outings to help us with our minimal expenses to run the group.


16. So how do I join?

Join our Yahoo! Group by visiting the following site: .  After you subscribe to the Yahoo! Group you will receive announcements for upcoming activities.  Welcome to Florida's Great Outdoors!!



Booth at Ft. Lauderdale PrideFest


With Civil War Re-enactors at Fort Jefferson




Kayaking at Oleta River State Park




Arrival at Cayo Costa




Cabin living on Cayo Costa




Whitewater rafting on the Reventazon River in Costa Rica



Visiting the Poaz volcano