Florida Car Camping Checklist

Every trip and each camper is different, so you need to use your common sense about what you will need.  Here are some suggestions.  Most regular campers maintain a "camping box" or two for frequently-used supplies.

Big Items To Round Up Camping Box Clothes
Tent (check poles and pegs) Insect Repellent Spray Jeans/Pants

Sleeping Bag

Insect Spray (for tent) Shorts
Pillow Flashlight (check batteries) Tee Shirts
Sheet and Pillowcase Sun Screen Sweatshirt
Air Mattress/Foam Pad Knife Poncho/Raincoat
Camp Chairs Hatchet/Mallet Underclothing
Cooler Matches Athletic Socks (take extra)
Lantern and Fuel Pots and Pans Sneakers/Light Boots
Lantern Mantels Knife, Fork, Spoon Swim Suit
Propane/Gas Stove and Fuel Plate, Cup Jacket/Windbreaker
Ground Cloth Zip Lock Bags Flip Flops/Thongs
Trash Bags Hat (for sun)
Duct Tape
Miscellaneous Dishwashing Soap/Detergent Travel Toiletries Kit
Camera First Aid Supplies Soap in a plastic box
Maps/Guide Book   Toothbrush/Toothpaste/Floss
Trip Notes/Addresses Shampoo
Reading Material Deodorant
Money Shaver/Razor and Supplies
Beach Towel Prescription Drugs
Bath Towel Personal Sexual Protection ("Be Prepared!")